(Cape Town, Western Cape) July 25, 2016 – On Saturday the 6th August 2016, 100 new bicycles were recently handed out to high school learners from Saxon Sea Secondary School in Atlantis and Iingcinga Zethu High School from Ceres.

Amongst the many enthusiastic and grateful young people receiving bicycles, here are what some of them had to say.

  • Zaid Cloete, grade 12 is going to use his bicycle to ride to rugby practices.
  • Tevin Adams, grade 12 wants says cycling will keep him fit and healthy.
  • Belindy Michealson, grade 12 wants to save money she would have paid for bus fare.
  • The Unknown Dance Crew said bikes keeps the blood flowing and helps children to concentrate in class.

After hearing all of these stories, it was very evident that bicycles can positively influence the lives of young people. Many of these children walk vast distances to school. Some of the pupils from Iingcinga Zethu in Ceres are walking up to 30km to school.

David Brienza formed BikeTown Africa in 2006. In the last ten years he has given over 4000 bicycles to groups fighting HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan African countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Rwanda and others. In recent years, David has turned his focus to also include learners, specifically at schools in the more rural areas – an initiative that brings not only hope, but also much joy to these young lives.

“This entire process goes far beyond the mere handing out of bicycles. We want these learners to realize that education is not merely an accumulation of academic knowledge, but opens the door to so many opportunities – all leading to further self development. It is important that learners living on the “fringes of society” realize that they are worthy and that they matter”. – Eliza James, Director of African Scholars’ Fund.

About the African Scholars Fund:
We support our youth that struggle financially by providing them with the means to contribute towards their school fees, school uniform, transport and other basic school needs. We nurture, motivate, mentor, care for and support our bursars until they have completed their basic education. We are completely focused on the wellbeing of our bursars. We monitor and comment on their schoolwork and their progress. Contact with our bursars is regular, ongoing and constructive. To date we have funded and mentored over 55000 learners at high school and 5000+ at TVET college level.