Zukile Betana – Success Story

Zukile Betana‘s story reads as follows: “I would like to take this time and express my deep feelings of joy and appreciation to all the sponsors, shareholders and co-operators of the AFRICAN SCHOLARS’ FUND family for their assistance and contribution towards my education during the academic year 2011. Allow me to take you a few footsteps with me and remind you what it was like before you came into the picture. You wouldn’t believe it but with your tremendous assistance you turned things around and made sure that nothing stands in my way. You guys took a chance with me and believed in me and I will always be grateful for that. It is my pleasure to inform you that now I am at the NELSON MANDELA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY doing my first year in Biomedical Technology. I’m excited and happy with what I am doing and hope that you guys will find it interesting too. THANK YOU once again…” We are so very proud of Zukile and wish him every success.