Yanga’s story

Yanga’s heartwarming story is a perfect example of the ASF’s Shared Value Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, where the outcomes realised are: organisational sustainability and a platform for corporate alignment with Government’s vision of private/public partnerships,. More importantly it offers financial support and (limited) insight into industry that directly benefits the learners whilst at school and opportunity for learners to engage with industry post school in the form of learnerships. Congratulations Yanga, you have done yourself proud.

ASF Bike Town Africa Partnership

Experience the joy, the happiness, the gratitude of learners, parents and teachers with the handing over of bicycles (along with safety helmet & repair kit) , plus a rain jacket to every learner at Enkwenkwezini High School, situated in the little town of Alice in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa. Thank you Bike Town Africa for your generous contribution and the ongoing partnership.