“Your purpose is not what you do to bring home a paycheck – it is what you do with such intensity and passion that it becomes a spiritual calling. “


Eliza James


I completed my Associate in Management Programme (mini MBA) at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in 2005, whilst in the employ of Cambridge University Press.  Not long thereafter I was appointed General Manager of Umbindi Publishers – tasked with not only establishing this new business venture, but ensuring the return of investment made by the 3 partners within a 3yr period (a feat managed within the first year of operation).  In 2008 I took on the exciting challenge of directorship at the ASF and I have not looked back.  Here I am able to live out my passion – that of facilitating the opportunity for young learners to complete their basic schooling, to awaken the desire to continue furthering their education, to be transformed and to break free from the cycle of poverty.  My greatest hope for mankind is that every individual be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.  One of my most treasured memories is a meeting with Tata Nelson Mandela, which I view as “my reward” for initiating the CSI Programmes at Capespan Ltd (now managed by the Capespan Foundation).

Miche Nicholas

Donor Portfolio Manager

“I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communication in 2018. Whilst in my 3rd year I spent what limited free time I had as a volunteer at St Michaels Child and Youth Care Centre . In 2018, on graduating, I was offered a full-time position as Program Coordinator. It was an exciting yet challenging journey; little did I know that my journey was just beginning. That’s when my heart found the African Scholars Fund. Having the opportunity to assist learners with their educational journey is incredibly rewarding and I am truly grateful to be part of an organization that is making such an impact. My current role at ASF is to manage the donor portfolio and to assist the Director in bringing the Shared Valued Partnership Strategy to life.”

Nontuthuzelo Mnyaluza

Schools Portfolio Manager

I am originally from the Eastern Cape where I did my secondary education.  I went on to complete my Secretarial Diploma at Northlink College through Access Trust, and in 2009 joined the ASF as the Bursary Secretary.

In 2013 I was promoted to take on the role and the responsibility as the Student Liaison Officer.  I now supervise the entire schools’ portfolio –  liaising with appointed Bursary Representatives, facilitating communication with and payments to our 2500 learners, managing the learner database, making recommendations for special awards and scholarship nominations.

I am happy to find myself in an organization that makes a difference in the lives of underprivileged Scholars.

Zena Stanfliet

Accounts Manager

I joined the ASF in 2003 as Accounts Manager where my primary task is to manage the full accounting function. I fondly recall how “back in those days” the thousands of payments made to our schools were all still done manually.

With my accounting background, I was able to implement payments on a computerised system that allowed for a more streamlined process – thank heavens for technology! I am passionate about the ASF and the work it does and look forward to the organization’s continued growth.

Nicole Jafhta

Administrative Assistant

Upon receiving my diploma in Biomedical Technology at CPUT, I completed my internship in virology at the Tygerberg branch of the NHLS. I then spent some time in the private sector before joining the ASF where I serve as an administrative assistant in addition to being the first point of contact at the office. My duties include lending support to the schools’ portfolio manager and the rest of the team in a clerical capacity as well as managing the front office.

The ASF is an organization close to my heart as they assist and support extremely under privileged school children regardless of race, colour or creed and thus give these children a fighting chance for a better and brighter future. I am honored to be part of an organization that is effectively making changes in the lives of today’s youth who will ultimately shape the future of our country.

Professor Geoff Everingham Chairperson: Retired Professor of Accounting - University of Cape Town and well-known author on accounting and corporate governance matters. Previously Chaired Sycom Property Fund and Transnet Ltd. Geoff continues to chair a number of Boards including that of Pathcare.
Dr Ronalda Benjamin Lectures Pure Mathematics at Stellenbosch University and Founder of the Rise Above Program (Mentorship of Gr11 & Gr12 learners – Worcester). She is an ex-bursar of the ASF and understands the additional pressure that comes with being the first person in your family to attend a university. Ronalda holds onto her full professorship dream and attending the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.
Mr Thurston Brown Recently retired Principal of Manenberg High School, now more closely engaged with the Provincial Dept of Education. Served as Chairperson of Mamela Trust.
Mr Moshe Apleni Transformation and Communications Manager – Spur (Pty) Ltd. Moshe has a passion for development and entrepreneurship, hence his engagement in setting up Silimela Solutions (2006) and the Gugulethu Youth Development Forum in 2007.
Professor Hugh Corder Deputy Chair: Retired Professor of Public Law and author – University of Cape Town. Served as technical advisor in the drafting of the Transitional Bill of Rights for South Africa. Founder member of The Five Plus Project..
Mrs Shelley Herbert Honorary Treasurer: Shelly is a CA by profession – her love for teaching and guiding young, aspiring CA’s led her to being engaged as a Senior Lecturer – University of Cape Town. Shelly is co-author of numerous finance accounting textbooks.
DR Tshepo Mosaka Having served the SA Legal Information Institute; Wits School of Law Writing and as Constitutional Court Trust Constitutional Literacy Project Facilitator, Dr Mosaka is now engaged as Public Law Lecturer – University of Cape Town.
Mrs Wendy Moult Bishops Diocesan College, a private English-medium school for boys that was home to many South African cricket players. Despite having retired, Wendy continues to serve the Bishops community when so called on.
Dr Margaret Elsworth Founder and Patron